“Dreams are my reality..”

As  water - yin signs pisces are  the most sensitive, spiritual & intuitive energy of the zodiac signs...if they dare to live it all out!

Are you super empathic & dream of a “one love” united, almost perfect world?

Very often you feel kind of lost in the raw & sharp world around you...right?

And that big heart of yours...often closes up & prefers to escape in magic underworlds where you feel safe, but often also unseen.


Spearmint will help you to set healthy boundaries & speak YOUR truth.  This oil works like magic when it comes to speaking with impact and letting your words sound like poetry. Your throat chakra will thank you for sure.

Sandalwood will calm your emotional soul & help to overcome stress & anxiety. 

The amethyst has particularly purifying abilities on the mind. All superfluous thoughts and sensations are cleared by the amethyst.

This crystal soothes the mind, invites deep inner peace, because negative energies are dissolved.

Some people also believe that the violet color of amethyst also fires the imagination, because it dissolves blockages and inhibitions.

This may  promote the processing of conflicts through dreams, especially during sleep.

This warm soap will feel like a sensual caress for your soul.


  • Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Sheabutterate, Sodium Oryzarate, Sodium Almondate, Aqua, Glycerine, Sodium Castorate, Parfum, Prunus Amygdalus Stones, Kaolin, Illite (red clay), Limonene, C.I.77019, 77891, 77007, Amethyste Stone and Sea Shell