Air & yang fusion is fuego & fiesta and the whole enchillada my dear! 

You truly are a joyful & precious human connector. Your soul longs for amazing people to discuss endless new topics.

Your mind is witty & you have always an interesting idea just waiting to be shared with the world.

This fresh, warm & juicy soap will enlighten your heart & leave sparkles in your soul.

Rosemary is your go to oil when you want to fly from scarcity to HELL YES places.

Orange enhances all the love in your heart by being connected with so many beautiful souls around the world. It’s also a powerful mind clearer & will help to focus yourself  rather than  feeling lost & caught up in 1001 projects.

You are pure joy & deserve to feel it in your very own heart too!

Know that feeling when you hear the Eye of the Tiger song?


Tiger eye gives courage, protection,  security and will empower every cell of yours. refines  your senses.

This crystal allows you to focus & ground yourself &  helps to make important decisions. It protects by more balance against influences like stress, strain, doubts or changing moods.


  • Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Sheabutterate, Sodium Oryzarate, Sodium Almondate, Aqua, Glycerine, Sodium Castorate, Parfum, Parfum, Limonene, Linalool, C.I.77019, 77891, 77861, 77491, 45410, 77742, Polyurethane-11, Tiger Eye Stone

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